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Manila Jobs is an independent page put up to cater offering information about the latest career opportunities in the Philippines, mostly, in Metro Manila. If you are looking to find the perfect employer, we are surely your destination online.

On the other hand, if you are living, residing or planning to move in the city, our pages will surely help you out with your desire to get hired for a job. Our listings are all free for you to apply for anytime plus we might, every once in a while provide related and useful information to Pinoys who are looking to move in by providing places to rent as transient, board and lodging, boarding house, bed space vacancies, apartment to rent, condo to live in, places to dine in for cheap offers, promos in Manila and more, all of which you might find handy and useful to your search for the right job to land on.

In short, we are not just your destination when it comes to work. We are also here to help you out with your concerns regarding employment and living in Manila. Should you have any questions or concerns to raise, please use my email address and sent it to sylvia2969atgmaildotcom. Thank you and God bless you all.

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